Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Backyard Chicken Workshop

More and more my husband and I have been discussing giving back to society.  As we have more time on our hands than money, it has become important for us to give back in a way that is less financial and more hands-on and spiritual.  

We have contemplated various outlets and organization but never felt the right fit.  The timing wasn't right. Our expertise wasn't there. Or we just plain didn't have a connection to the cause.  We both needed to feel it and we weren't.

So many times I have heard that "timing is everything" or "everything happens for a reason".  While I truly believe both statements, never have they both been so clear.

Today the stars aligned though various friends and connections and we will hopefully begin offering a quarterly workshop on How to Raise Backyard Hens, bringing awareness to the community.

We are both cautiously optimistic about our new found "pet" project and hope to share the wealth of knowlege we have gained over the last year of raising and caring for our Ladies.

Details will follow as soon as they are worked out.

Our Buff Orpington, Fran, eyeing up her first egg!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breakfast on the Patio

After a lovely rain the ladies took their yogurt breakfast on the patio.  Love their little yogurt coated beaks.  Who knew this would be such a treat.
Staring:  Fran, Felicia and Marie.  Additional appearances by Lois (yellow tag) and Delores (Blue tag)

Natura's Chicken Coop with a View - Other Animals (Google Affiliate Ad)