Saturday, June 2, 2012

My babies are growing up

My babies are growing up.  As of June 1, my baby Buff Orpingtons are eight weeks old.

Every day.  Every single day my ladies have changed and have grown.  In the blink of an eye a growth spurt could be missed.

In the first weeks of life it was all adorable fluff and silly, quiet peeps.  Zen-like sounds that soothed.  As they matured, they were still adorable and their peeps still charming and zen-like.  Even through their dinosaur/ugly duckling phase they managed to calm and stay sweet.  I have been afraid of losing that sound.  That calm.

Yesterday I arrive home from the office and quickly change into my "free-range" attire. The ladies hear my voice, snap to attention and are ready to range.  Then I hear it.  I hear an unfamiliar voice.  My dear, sweet buff, Felicia has replaced her tiny peep with a newer cluck-ish sound.  What surprises me more than the change in her voice is the lack of change in its zen-like sweetness.  My ladies voices are changing, growing and I am still in love.
Baby Felicia
Felicia at 8 weeks

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