Saturday, July 27, 2013

Helicopter Mom

On occasion I wonder.  Was it a mistake to not have children?  Should I have been a mother?  Did I miss out on something?

Over the years I have envisioned the type of mother I saw myself.  The cool mom who was strict but still fun. The mom who had clearly defined rules but a heart.  The mom who shot hoops in her work attire, sans shoes, if the kid wanted to play when I drove in the drive.

I never did have a child of my own and I do not regret that decision.  It was the right one for me.

What does all this have to do with chickens, you ask?

Recently, I have discovered my chickens do not get (what I feel) is enough free range time.  The more they free range, the healthier they will be.  The more eggs they will lay.  The less feed I need to buy. The happier they will be.  The more content the flock.  And who doesn't want a happy family?

Why do they not get enough free range time?  It appears I am not the cool mom.  I am the helicopter mom.

My chickens, up until recently, could not free range with out supervision.  If I was not out with them then my husband was on duty. We tag-teamed when necessary. Our Belgian Shepard was used as a very temporary chicken sitter.  Big dog was in charge during bathroom breaks.  If I was "On Duty" or my husband or big dog, nothing could happen. No hawks, no snakes, no possum.  The ladies were safe.

Its time to let go.  Its time to park the helicopter on the pad and go in the house.  Time to go on about my day.  The ladies are fine on their own in their fenced back yard with their Mack-daddy coup and run.

Today they have been out since dawn.  I have peeked out the window.  I have ran errands.  I have thrown them a snack and watched them run for cover during a big rain.  The helicopter is in park.  The girls are one their own and doing fine.

But the big dog does still get to play chicken sitter...

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