Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Hiers Hens Version

Today we take a look back at our 2015 Christmas project, The Twelve Days of Chicken Christmas by Hiers Hens (and cat).  We hope everyone had as much fun seeing each of the days as we had creating them using our hens, some silly props and, in some cases, a
 lot of photoshop.
Kara, the Golden Cuckoo, as our Partridge in a Pear Tree

Lulu, a Golden Cuckoo attempts Two Turtle Doves.

Fran, (Buff Orp), Lois (Dominique) and Marie (Buff Orp)

Marie (Buff Orp) Lois (Dominique)
Elsie (Blue Laced Wyandotte) & Alma (Blue Laced Wyandotte)

Elsie (Blue Laced Wyandotte)

Queenie (Cream Legbar) Alma (Wyandotte) Marie (Buff Orp) Lulu (Golden Cuckoo) and Maxine (Black Tail Buff Maran)

Stunt doubles so the ladies wouldn't catch cold

 Nine Ladies Dancing

Click to watch the Nine Ladies Dancing GIF

Fran (Buff Orp)

Wish I could say all eleven ladies participated.  Most were not thrilled with standing near a fake flute.

All eleven of our chickens are represented, including a stand-in 12th chicken, Otis the cat.
We have a whole year to prepare for next year's production...I wonder what it will be...

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