Friday, May 4, 2012

Day #1 with the Baby Buff Orps

Does it get any cuter than tiny, fluffy, peeping balls of baby chicks?  For me, apparently not.

Good Friday, April 6, 2012

After work, my wonderful husband and I head of to a place called the Red Barn.  I can't even say how many weeks of research and reading and trips to scary pet shops led us to this lovely baby chick haven.

At the Red Barn, we are greeted in the chicken area by a lovely, kind woman named Betty who, no doubt, knows everything we need to know about chickens.  I want my baby chicks to feel as secure in my hands as I felt in the hands of Betty, chicken whisperer.

We ask questions, we ogle and coo over the different breed of chicks. (OK, to set the record straight, I MAY have been the only one cooing)  Who to pick?  Who to pick?   All the research from the last several weeks has launched into a black hole in my brain.  For the life of me I can't remember which breed is nice and which is naughty.  Which breed likes heat and which likes cold.  Egg-layer? Roosters? Big chickens?  Little Chickens?  Bard Rock?  Modeled Java? Foghorn Legorn? Take a deep breath, Sarah.... Do what you do best.  GOOGLE IT!

We walked out of the Red Barn with our heat lamp, pine shavings, 25 lbs of baby chick feed and this...

After their video shoot and my teary-eye proclamation that I was already in love with my new babies, we made it home to their new, temporary abode.

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