Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Never Ending Tweak

We are now just passed weekend three of the coop build.

Sunday night the finishing touches, or so I thought, went up...The metal roof panels.  My wonderful husband spent two days sawing, measuring, pounding and screwing the steel "Key West" panels into place.  The final steps...or so I thought.

Last night we "tweaked" the coop door.  Tonight I look out at our creation and I see places that require wood filler.  There is a spot that needs touch up paint.  WE FORGOT TO ATTACH the bahama shutters!

Back in my college art days I remember how difficult it was to stop painting.  So hard to realize when it was complete.  I'm having a flash back to those days.  I don't know when to stop the coop build.

Here it is to date...

Coming soon....the step by step slide show.

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