Monday, January 6, 2014

All In A Row...well, almost all

Happy 2014 from all at Hiers Hens...well, almost all.

We have decided to start out the year on yet another molt...or maybe its just the dark winter...but only four of our six ladies have kept up laying on a regular basis.  Below is our egg in take from January 1 in order of appearance.  On that particular day Dolores and Lois decided to sit out.

There may be something slightly kooky about this, but I love that I can identify the which egg came from which chicken.
January 1, 2014

  1. Elsie the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte lays lovely brown, smooth almost round eggs.
  2. Alma the lighter Blue Laced Red Wyandotte lays a lighter egg with white speckles.  (sorry for the poor photography.  the speckles do not appear)
  3. The lighter brown, smooth egg is from my Queen Bee, Marie and finally,
  4. The granddaddy of all eggs comes from Fran.  How does that chicken push out such a large egg?

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