Thursday, January 16, 2014

Icebox Chicken or Learn How to Knit While No One is Watching

I'm not sure if I actually took the "I Promise Not to Get All Crazy" vow when I first brought my chickens home two years ago, but in my mind I have promised it to myself. I, Sarah Hiers, do solemnly swear NOT to go completely overboard with my chickens.

I'd like to think I also promised it to my husband but he may dispute that fact.  He also may disagree on the definition of "Get All Crazy".   I say, No hats or capes.  No sweaters.  No dressing of chickens.  He may say the picture framed windows and family portrait in the coop teeters on the edge.

In the two years we have had our ladies they have weathered quite a bit.  They have 'weathered" stifling heat, fireworks, two floods and a tropical strength storm.  Tonight the temps are expected to drop into the low 30's.  Here in South Florida they might as well call in the National Guard.  While my reasonable brains suggests they are chickens who can weather the cold in their coop tonight, I can't help but think...hats?  sweaters?  Maybe a stylishly warm cape?

 Ok, back to reasonable self:

  • Chickens have 8,300 feathers and know how to arrange them just right so they stay warm
  • Warmth in numbers.  There are six ladies and they snuggle together every night.  Tonight will be no different.
  • I don't have time to learn to knit six tiny sweaters while convincing my husband I haven't lost my mind.
Tonight I'm sure I will check on the ladies several times before myself retiring.  Tonight I'm sure I will get soft little coos and purrs coming from the coop and possibly a stink eye for accidentally waking up my warm and sleepy little girls.  I'll try to tip toe and I'll try not to secretly sneak on to Amazon to buy ready made capes and hats.
Elsie, the Blue laced Red Wyandotte, ready for bed.

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